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What does Minimalism stand for?

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Minimalism is about the shifting of our daily habits, a reduction in what is thought of as unnecessary consumerism, and a different way of viewing the world. 

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Meet Melina Bucher

"Believe in your dreams, work hard to achieve them, and above all be authentic and passionate about what you do."

We are thrilled to introduce you to Melina, founder of Melina Bucher, an amazing brand that combines the finest craftsmanship and smart design with compassion and sustainability.

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Scéona's sustainable gold chains

The gold necklace was the first piece of jewellery ever worn by a human. Throughout history, gold jewellery stroke with its beauty and durability, it is often inherited and presented as a valuable gift. 

It took us a year of research to find a way to produce a beautiful handmade necklace made from 100% recycled gold.

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3 simple hacks to take care of your jewellery

Jewellery, as any precious and luxurious item, needs to be taken care of if you want it to last!

Worry no more! 

Follow our 3 tips to take care of your jewellery and cherish your sustainable fine jewellery piece forever.

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5 tips to buy jewellery with ease

"I want to buy a diamond ring, what do I have to look for?"

"How can I make sure the person selling me a ring does not try to rip me off?"

Choosing a piece of jewellery can be stressful and painful. There are so many different terms and criteria to check!

Follow our 5 tips to reduce the anxiety related to buying a piece of fine jewellery.

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2 ways to know your ring size at home

"What is my ring size?"

"Do I have to go to a jeweller to get my ring size?"

"Can I find my ring size at home?"

Sounds familiar?

Worry no more with our two simple tips to find your ring size at home, in less than a minute!

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What is the difference between gold, gold plated and gold vermeil Jewellery?

Did you know that there are many different types of gold? 

For a buyer, this can understandably be a little overwhelming, especially when you are trying to find that perfect piece of jewellery.

Learn about the differences between gold, gold plated, and gold vermeil jewellery and what you need to know before go shopping.

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Meet Brice Degeyter

Brice is the founder of Bizsu, an online platform that helps other companies achieving profits while being sustainable. 

How do they do that? By offering products that are good for the environment, good for the people, and good for their wallet!

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

What is the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a diamond simulant?

A diamond simulant, also known as an imitation diamond, shares some of the same characteristics of diamonds.To the naked eye, they look the same as mined or lab-grown diamonds, but their chemical properties are very different.

Sustainable packaging needed

Meet Paula Miquelis

Paula is the founder of Green is the new black, a lifestyle media and events platform on a mission to make sustainability mainstream, accessible and sexy. Their mission: inspire sustainable business and lifestyle changes in a region where carbon emissions are astronomically high. 

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Bas Fransen

Bas Fransen is the founder of Eco Matcher, a platform that helps organizations to integrate transparent tree-planting in their daily operations. When you purchase a Scéona piece, we calculate the carbon footprint generated by its production as well as the shipment to deliver it to you.To offset this footprint, we decided partner with EcoMatcher.

carbon footprint of jewellery

What is the carbon footprint of your jewellery?

The carbon footprint of your jewellery can be very important. For instance, mining requires a large amount of energy. The heat-trapping CO2 emissions from diamond mining is equivalent to about 1.5 million cars on the road per year. Learn more about the carbon footprint of jewellery and discover what are the existing solutions today to reduce this impact.

Meet Kathleen Kuo

Kathleen is the founder of Opus Mind, a brand that creates beautiful bags, tote and backpack using upcycled leather to ensure fashion can be enjoyed without the consequence of hurting the environment. Their mission: promoting sustainability in fashion where resources are utilized efficiently and where people people care to work together towards a better future.

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Valerie Chiu

Valerie is the founder of Cocoparadise, a wonderful brand which creates convenient and nutritious snacks made from simple and wholesome ingredients. Their mission is to encourage and make healthy living easy. Who said living healthier have to be boring?

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Susannah Jaffer

Susannah is the founder of, a platform that connects a growing community of ethical emerging companies with busy, modern women just like us.

Sustainable packaging needed

Meet Elizabeth Grace

We sat down with Elizabeth, founder of Elizabeth Grace Couture, to talk about her story, her life as an entrepreneur, the future of weddings and much more.

Sustainable packaging needed

Ever heard about Vegan Jewellery?

The ever growing concern for the climate shows that our attitude towards consumption is shifting in support of making positive changes for the future. 


In today’s society, more consumers are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options when it comes to fashion. This includes vegan alternatives for clothing, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics. As Veganism continues to go mainstream, vegan fashion and ethical brands are expected to see increased growth. 

Sustainable packaging needed

What is ethical jewellery?

The level of transparency and traceability of each product through the supply chain are key when it comes to understanding ethical jewellery practices. 

Indeed, materials’ sourcing and producing have an effect on both the people and the planet. 

Sadly, the effect is often negative due to the traditional way of producing jewellery. 

Sustainable packaging needed

Why is sustainable packaging urgently needed?

More than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the early 1950’s and only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled.

When "a third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good", alternatives are needed. Sustainable packaging is one.

Sustainable packaging needed

Why recycled gold is the future of jewellery?

It is estimated that for every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, over 34 kg of gold can be recovered! 

Alternatives to mining, such as recycled gold from e-waste, exist today and we are now able to craft beautiful jewellery while limiting our negative impact on the environment. 

The future is here!

recycled gold

Why are lab-grown diamonds a great alternative to mining?

Diamond mining can have a huge negative impact on the environment and local communities.

Thankfully, more sustainable alternatives exist today, such as lab-grown diamonds. They display the same beautiful physical look as mined diamonds. 

The sparkle without harming the planet.

lab-grown diamonds

The Jewellery Industry

Jewellery can create memories that last a lifetime. 

From bold statement pieces to a delicate collection, a gift or a family heirloom; jewellery has long been used to express ourselves and how we feel about one another.  

The jewellery industry sceona

In focus: Anadyr ring

Anadyr ring has been named after the Anadyr river, located in Siberia, which flows into the Anadyr bay of the Bering Sea.Although it is frozen from October to late May, the river is at the centre of a local ecosystem, with a rich variety of plants and wildlife. 

For us, Anadyr is the evocation of nature as a comforting and peaceful heaven.It is life without a hitch, a long quiet river.  

Sceona Anadyr ring

Scéona: the origins

The entire process of creation and manufacture must be flawless, clean, respectful of the Earth and the men who work on it. 

And for that, our biggest challenge is to avoid the mining of raw materials. 

So we decided to create a fine jewellery brand using recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Sceona the origins

Green is the new black festival: our learnings

GITNB is a platform which acts as a guide in Asia : it promotes brands, events and agents of change who work on raising awareness and changing our behaviours in order to offer to the future generations a better world than the one we are living in today.

Sceona green is the new black