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Feel good about wearing jewellery again

We make responsible jewellery

Respectful of the environment and the people

Beyond the beautiful design of our pieces of jewellery, we are committed to implementing responsible sourcing and sustainable practice.

No mining

Nobody should have to choose between quality and sustainability.

By using only lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, all Scéona pieces offer the sparkle without harming the planet.


Like you, we were frustrated to always wonder where our jewellery came from.

We understand how it feels so we share and communicate openly.

From the jewellery 

to the packaging

Our boxes are made from a solid piece of beautiful timber, sourced from the sustainable forests of New-Zealand. 

Our shipping boxes are handmade.

Do you know well the jewellery industry?

Jewellery can create memories that last a lifetime. From bold statement pieces to a delicate collection, a gift or a family heirloom; jewellery has long been used to express ourselves and how we feel about one another.

Diamonds and gold are considered a symbol of affluence and romance but, now more than ever, there is an increase in awareness around the heartache that sourcing such materials can cause. 

Human casualties and environmental losses are a devastating side effect of the mining industry and, as the media continues to bring these issues to light, it becomes difficult for us to turn away.

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