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Wear beautiful fine jewellery knowing the planet remained untouched

Adorn beauty with a conscience

Ili ring made of recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds crafted by sceona on a white backgroundA woman painting a face and wearing Ili ring and Kasai ring from Sceona fine jewellery
Jumna earring studs crafted by sceona on a white backgroundA woman wearing jumna studs and tage studs on the right ear
Kasai ring crafted by Sceona sustainable fine jewellery on a white backgroundKasai ring and anadyr ring worn on a woman left hand

Aim for luxury, without harming the planet and its people

  • Lab-grown diamonds
  • Recycled gold
  • 100% plastic free
  • Planting trees
A lab-grown diamond on a grey background

The sparkle without harming the planet

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds cultivated in a laboratory using the latest technology. 

In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission that regulates commercial practices amended its jewellery guide to remove the word natural from the definition of a diamond. 

"It is no longer accurate to define a diamond with the word natural when it is possible to create a product which has essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a mined diamond." 


Recycling gold from e-waste, such as smartphones

By choosing to exclusively work with 18k recycled gold to craft our pieces, we believe recycling e-waste is a wonderful alternative to gold mining. 

Recycled gold is bringing new life to this beautiful metal and allows to reduce the amount of waste discarded to the landfill. 

Without compromising on the quality of your jewellery, you now have the choice to select more sustainable alternatives to mining.

Scéona fine jewellery shipping box

100% environmentally friendly packaging

We are committed to avoid single-use plastic packaging and to look for innovative solutions to create the “perfect” sustainable packaging. 

Our jewellery boxes are made from a solid piece of beautiful timber, sourced from sustainable forests. Our partner ensures that the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding area are maintained. 

Our shipping boxes are handmade from recycled cardboard. It is custom made for each order, to avoid material waste.

A hand putting a tree in a box to highlight the carbon neutral journey

On a carbon neutral journey

We would not be truly sustainable if we did not take into account the carbon footprint generated by our operations. 

We calculate the carbon footprint generated by the craft of your piece of jewellery as well as the shipment to deliver it to you from Singapore and we plant trees to offset this carbon footprint.

To do so, we partnered with EcoMatcher, an organization that supports local communities in various parts of the world to improve their livelihood by planting trees.  

"I could not find any piece of jewellery that met my expectations in terms of design, quality and sustainability."

Scéona - Founder and Creative Director

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