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The jungle

From roots to canopy, 

seeds to leaves and blooming flowers, 

a tribute to the organic balance of nature. 

The jungle

From roots to canopy,

seeds to leaves and blooming flowers,

a tribute to the organic balance of nature. 

areca & roucou

Tiny gold beads as seeds, 

Areca and Roucou mark the beginning of a new cycle,
waiting for the harvest to come.


Aspidie & Ceiba

Rippling circles, bringing its own lights and shadows, 

Aspidie and Ceiba are a flexible strength.
Sometimes, you have to swirl to remain deep-rooted.


Kenaf & Inula

A pure line racing  to do its will, 

Kenaf and Inula are a burst of purpose, 

getting their well deserved light and warmth.


Oud & Karasuba

Lush, luxuriant natural wonders, 

Oud and Karasuba are blossoming beauties.

A myriad of  blooms, leading to a seasonal epiphany.



We create links, one by one, with great talent and patience.
Khasi is a bridge, built to connect.


Nature is often called savage, raw, primitive.

Yet, its miracles lie in the uniqueness of its shapes, the patterns and landscapes created that amazed and inspired humankind

 since we started contemplating it a few thousand years ago.

We created The Jungle as an ode to nature, a celebration of life in all its frenetic, exhilarating and invigorating aspects.

Whatever the mood, the outfit, the program, our pieces are your everyday companions.