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In focus: Anadyr ring

The ring adapts to your moods, you can either show or hide the diamond or even stack it. 
Because a wave never comes alone. 

Woman wearing red dress and Sceona sustainable jewellery pieces

Part of the Rivers’ collection, Anadyr ring has been named after the Anadyr river, located in Siberia, which flows into the Anadyr bay of the Bering Sea. 
Although it is frozen from October to late May, the river is at the centre of a local ecosystem, with a rich variety of plants and wildlife. 
For us, Anadyr is the evocation of nature as a comforting and peaceful heaven. 
It is life without a hitch, a long quiet river. 

Anadyr ring
The ring

Our intention when we designed Anadyr ring was to craft jewellery that can accompany you whatever the mood, the outfit and the programme. 
It is versatile, multiple and minimalistic. 
It is the comfort of your routine, the perfect companion throughout your days. 

The circular and wavy high polished shapes of the Anadyr ring reminds us of the satisfaction of taking time and contemplate these cycles of life. 
The ring suggests calm and peace. 
The thin band undulates as a wave, a comforting and soothing comings and goings. 

The ring adapts to your moods, you can either show or hide the diamond or even stack it.
Because a wave never comes alone.

Anadyr Ring
Did you know?

As all our pieces, Anadyr is made from recycled gold and a very light blue lab-grown diamond.

By avoiding mining and promoting responsible sourcing and production, we pledge to protect natural ecosystems and to reduce the negative impact of the jewellery industry on the environment and the people.

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