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Interviews with Scéona

A few times a month, we invite fantastic people and entrepreneurs to talk about their journey,
about how they act to make the world more sustainable.
I hope you will enjoy discovering these stories, as we do!

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Meet Melina Bucher

"Believe in your dreams, work hard to achieve them, and above all be authentic and passionate about what you do."

We are thrilled to introduce you to Melina, founder of Melina Bucher, an amazing brand that combines the finest craftsmanship and smart design with compassion and sustainability.

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Meet Brice Degeyter

Brice is the founder of Bizsu, an online platform that helps other companies achieving profits while being sustainable. 

How do they do that? By offering products that are good for the environment, good for the people, and good for their wallet!

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Paula Miquelis

Paula is the founder of Green is the new black, a lifestyle media and events platform on a mission to make sustainability mainstream, accessible and sexy. Their mission: inspire sustainable business and lifestyle changes in a region where carbon emissions are astronomically high. 

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Bas Fransen

Bas Fransen is the founder of Eco Matcher, a platform that helps organizations to integrate transparent tree-planting in their daily operations. When you purchase a Scéona piece, we calculate the carbon footprint generated by its production as well as the shipment to deliver it to you.To offset this footprint, we decided partner with EcoMatcher.

Meet Kathleen Kuo

Kathleen is the founder of Opus Mind, a brand that creates beautiful bags, tote and backpack using upcycled leather to ensure fashion can be enjoyed without the consequence of hurting the environment. Their mission: promoting sustainability in fashion where resources are utilized efficiently and where people people care to work together towards a better future.

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Valerie Chiu

Valerie is the founder of Cocoparadise, a wonderful brand which creates convenient and nutritious snacks made from simple and wholesome ingredients. Their mission is to encourage and make healthy living easy. Who said living healthier have to be boring?

Valerie Chiu Cocoparadise

Meet Susannah Jaffer

Susannah is the founder of, a platform that connects a growing community of ethical emerging companies with busy, modern women just like us.

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Meet Elizabeth Grace

We sat down with Elizabeth, founder of Elizabeth Grace Couture, to talk about her story, her life as an entrepreneur, the future of weddings and much more.

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