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Who is Scéona?

Founder and Creative Director 

Sceona founder Sceona fine jewellery

I discovered my passion for jewellery in 2011, when I moved to Jaipur, India. I was absolutely fascinated by the behind the scenes of jewellery: how to design, create, model and produce it; how to choose the appropriate gemstone, how does a gemstone grow. So many things to explore! 

I realized that before it reaches the showcase of a shop, a piece of jewellery goes through many hands and requires multiple production steps. I immediately knew that I wanted it to become my everyday work. 

Being inexperienced, I decided to go back to school: I took gemology classes at theGemological Institute of America (GIA), which I now graduated from. 

All you need is less Sceona sustainable jewellery

When I moved to Singapore in 2018, I worked in product development for a local jewellery designer. 

From the designer's initial brief to the first sketch to production, I loved every bit of it. 

These experiences as well as my studies taught me a lot about the jewellery industry and at the same time, my environmental conscience grew dramatically. 

As a consumer, I noticed that there was a void here: I could not find pieces of jewellery that met my expectations in terms of design and sustainability.I put that together and it clicked: let’s launch a company specialised in fine sustainable jewellery. 

The values behind Scéona

At first glance, fine jewellery and sustainability don’t go hand in hand. 

There is a lot to consider to reconcile those two but we started from a very simple thought:

 we need to create pieces that are beautiful inside and out.

Minimalist aesthetic Sceona fine jewellery values

Minimalist aesthetic

We create pieces with simple designs.

At Scéona, the luxury lies in the details, not in abundance. 

Being sustainable means that we need to produce less but better. 

No to mining Sceona fine jewellery values

“No” to mining

Gold and diamonds mines are absolute disasters for the environment. 

By using 18kt recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds only, there is no mining involved. 

Sustainability Sceona fine jewellery values


Our impact does not end with the product.

It includes sustainable packaging too, as well as offsetting our carbon emissions.

The team behind Scéona

Sceona founding team

We are family!

The story started in 2017 when, by chance, all three of us happened to live in Singapore.

Encouraged by a few glasses of French wine (certified origin), we started discussing about how to reconcile passion and purpose at work.

How to reconcile jewellery and sustainability?

We genuinely believe that beauty is also from the inside out.

We aim to create beautiful pieces of jewellery without harming the environment and the people, using only non-mined luxurious materials. 

Carefully thought and crafted by skilled artisans, our pieces do not compromise on high-quality and subtle design.

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