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Tanggula earrings

Tanggula earrings are organically, unevenly shaped fine plates of gold with a very shiny finish.


Made on order. Ship in 5 weeks.

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Recycled gold

Band depth: 1mm

Earring diameter: 9mm

Metal weight: 2.8 g

With Tanggula, we wanted to offer the contrasts of Nature in a pair of earrings: it is an organically, unevenly shaped fine plate of gold with a very shiny finish. The beauty of Nature lies in the details and contrasts.

Tanggula are made to shine in a natural way. They sit so perfectly on the ear that you will forget you are wearing them until you see yourself in a mirror and are amazed by how simple and clean lines can look so gorgeous.

Tanggula are for gold lovers. The name comes from the Tanggula Mountains, where the Salouen River rises.

If you are not scared to shine, add a beautiful diamond on your Tanggula, go check our Salouen earrings!

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