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Sustainable fine jewellery. 

Feel good about wearing jewellery again.

Ever felt frustrated to always wonder where your jewellery came from?

Do you worry about the impact of mining on the environment?

This is why we created Scéona

Beyond the beautiful design of our pieces of jewellery, we are committed to implementing responsible sourcing and sustainable practice.

For you to wear beautiful creations knowing the planet remained untouched. 

Nobody should have to choose between quality and sustainability.

By using only lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, all Scéona pieces offer the sparkle without harming the planet.

Our boxes are made from a solid piece of beautiful timber, sourced from the sustainable forests of New-Zealand. 

Our shipping boxes are handmade.

For each Scéona piece, we calculate the carbon footprint generated by its production and shipment to deliver it to you.

We offset these emissions by planting trees.

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Diamond mining can have a huge negative impact on the environment and local communities.Thankfully, more sustainable alternatives exist today, such as lab-grown diamonds. 

They display the same beautiful physical look as mined diamonds. 

The sparkle without harming the planet.

Sceona jewellery lab-grown diamond

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